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Get Ranked Number One On Google | Number 1 Google Results | SEO Specialists in the UK

We can get your website found at the top of Google over and over again! Call 0844579 1066 to find out how.

Are you wondering how to get your website to number one on Google UK?

Well if you have ever asked the question “How to get my website number one on Google” then our system built by a full team of designers, developers and SEO consultants is for you. We offer an advanced form of Targeted SEO Marketing developed exclusively by WebsiteUK Ltd. It will help get your business Rank Number 1 on Google UK or at least on Get Results on Page One of Google over and over again. (We also get results on Yahoo and Bing but Google is the important one). There’s never been such an advanced system of target marketing on Google.

Call now on 0844 579 1066 or fill out the form below and lets talk about getting your business Found Number One on Google

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By building multiple target web pages we can focus more on your specialities… and beat your competition!

Over on the right there are numerous examples of our Multiple Number One Listings On Google UK with plenty of examples, in real time, of our customer’s websites  already enjoying page one and mostly number one Google listings. It is direct targeted marketing that is far more cost effective and far more results driven than any form of paid directories, Pay Per Click systems and newspaper advertising. We will get your business top search engine positions with multiple number 1 listings on Google in any area you would like to target.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

You too could be the envy of your competition in areas you never thought possible. Many of our number 1 Google listings are higher up than With Target Pages you are going to be saving thousands of pounds on unnecessary defunct advertising in newspapers and expensive online directories.There are plenty of FREE directories (again why pay?) out there and part of our package includes researching the best ones to suit your business and adding you to them anyway!

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We also offer cutting edge web design and have many stunning reviews on freeindex!

You may think you’ve heard it all before but we are confident that once you click our customers number 1 Google listings (to your right) you will realise that we are not just talking the talk.

Why not join them at the top of Google UK?

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Target Pages Includes:

  • Personal Customer Login Area
  • Keyword Research
  • Onsite SEO
  • Offsite SEO
  • Target  Pages
  • Link building
  • Monthly Reports
  • Directory Submissions
  • Responsive Web Design

 All of this included!


Getting my business found on page one of Google is fine, but will it stay there.

Some of our customers have been ranked at the top of Google for relevant key phrases for many years. Our system uses ‘organic’ white hat SEO techniques. White Hat simply means we follow the guidelines. It also works well on Yahoo and Bing but as nearly 90% of searches are done on Google that is obviously where we focus our energies. The system and approach works well because we work hard and are very good at what we do. It is organic SEO so we don’t just wave a magic wand. We nearly always get our customers ranked number 1 on Google for very good search phrases that gives them a very good return on their investment. It is not a guarantee but we don’t give up till we at least land your target web pages on page one of Google. There are even schools of thought who think the strongest position can be around number 3 or 4. Whatever happens we will make sure you are happy and keep in touch with you via reports and frequent support calls to make sure our target page system is working well for your business.

Lets face it if your not found on Google then you might as well forget it!

Want to know more?

Call Now on 0844 579 1066 or…

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We are always excited about SEO…A bit sad maybe thats what we are good at!


Real time SEO results achieved through TargetPages

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