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Google Adwords Managers Merseyside | Google Advertising Services Merseyside

Adwords Management Merseyside for you. Do you ever ask yourself: “How to advertise my business on Google in Merseyside?” Well, the answer is on 0844 579 1066 

Welcome to our PPC management services for Merseyside businesses as well as businesses who want to trade around merseyside! As comprehensive organic SEO experts we also offer Google Advertising in Merseyside. Pay-Per-Click are the adverts that display in a coloured box at the top and in a list down the right hand side of the search results pages. You only pay when a someone clicks your advert. This is not always guaranteed and using a PPC advertising agency to manage your PPC Advertising Campaign in Merseyside makes sense as it will optimise your return on investment (ROI).

If you would like to speak about Google Adwords Management in Merseyside then either call 0844 5791066 or fill out the form below. Otherwise if you would like to learn more then please scroll down below.

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A well thought out Google ads campaign can save headaches!

With specialist ongoing management and a well thought out approach you will benefiting from an online PPC campaign to help your business easily get found online. Many people try to set Adwords on Google by themselves and end up throwing a lot of money away on low impact key phrases and poor set ups. Using Expert Google Ad Managers is the way to go.

Let us take the strain from you!


Successful Pay-Per-Click campaigns always come down to hard work and continual optimisation and adjustments to suit the latest Internet trends. It is of course in our best interest too to provide a successful results driven approach to your PPC management services in Merseyside, or anywhere else you may choose to target in the UK. With over seven years of experience in designing, building and promoting websites to a wide range of industries across Merseyside we have the know how. With solid & targeted approaches we can achieve higher conversion rates for your business for much less cost than a DIY approach.

Our PPC Marketing Service in Merseyside includes for your peace of mind:

  1. Research and planning – By listening to you chat about your business and your objectives we build up a profile and approach that should suit your budgets and reap rewards.

  2. Keyword Research – based on our preliminary understandings we will research the kind of keywords that will benefit your click though’s and try to obtain the best CPC (cost per click).

  3. Ad Creation – We will give your ads impact content so that they are easily spotted to match your industry and keep the cost down (CPC) whilst still maximising your CTR (click through rate).

  4. Optimisation – Constant monitoring is crucial to sustaining a successful Adwords campaign. Via a series of management techniques from keyword relevance, bid adjustments, ad copy updates to what page the click though land on we will ensure a successful outcome for your business.

  5. Reporting – It is important that you are kept up to date, usually on a monthly basis to how your campaign is performing. We can provide various ways for you to view your stats either by simple Google analytics reports emailed out to you or for more advance customers allowing access into the Adwords campaign itself.

We’ll keep you posted!



Below are some price guidelines to help you understand what you are paying for. (i.e. a RETURN on investment).

PPC Package A 

  • Number of Keywords = Up to 10

  • Number of Ad Groups = Up to 10

  • Number of Ad groups = 2

  • Additional ad groups = £40 + VAT per group

  • Total ‘one off’ set up fee = £499 + VAT

PPC Package B

  • Number of Keywords = Up to 25

  • Number of Ad Groups = Up to 25

  • Number of Ad groups = 2

  • Additional ad groups = £30 + VAT per group

  • Total ‘one off’ set up fee = £699 + VAT

PPC Package C

  • Number of Keywords = Up to 50

  • Number of Ad Groups = Up to 50

  • Number of Ad groups = 3

  • Additional ad groups = £20 + VAT per group

  • Total ‘one off’ set up fee = £1200 + VAT

Please note:

*Please note as Google retains around 87% of the search market in the Merseyside we only offer Google adwords management. The other main search engines  (i.e. Yahoo and BING) are not part of this package.

**Top level keywords,would mean your main keywords such as ‘Gas engineer’, ‘Bathroom fitter’ or ‘plumbers’. Long tail versions of for example ‘plumber’ are ‘affordable plumbers’, : ‘registered plumbers’, ‘qualified plumbers’ or ‘recommended plumbers’. For each top level keyword, we add in optional unlimited long -tail key phrases.

***Our approach is to create 1 Ad Group per 1 top level keyword, which helps your adwords campaign be well managed and is a better way to optimise for higher quality scores (i.e. lower CPC = more quality click throughs = more conversions for you!).


PPC management is based on a % of monthly budget spend. Depending on your size of business, your target market and your geographical advertising reach the % management fee is as Follows:

Up to £1,500 per month 20%

From  £1,500 to £3000 per month 15%

From £3000 to £5000 per month 12.5%

Budgets over £5,000 month 10%

(Please note their is a minimum monthly management charge of £99 + VAT)

Management fees are invoiced at the end of each month based on the advertising spend during the month.

PPC advertising fees are paid directly to Google via your company credit card.

So help us to help you with Merseyside PPC Management Services

Call Now on 0844 579 1066 for the best website promotion quotations in Merseyside or…

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