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What is Targeted SEO? Basically, its building extra pages that are SEO friendly and target one of your trading areas. Check out our GEO Targeting SEO results to your right. And see for yourself our live SEO results.

  • Personalised Support (Yes a real person calls you)
  • Keyword Research
  • Onsite SEO (Including Geo Targeted SEO)
  • Offsite SEO
  • (Sensible) Link building
  • Monthly Reports
  • Live SEO Results (Click the links on the right)

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    Targeted SEO works. Get FOUND on Google UK. Check our live results down to your right.

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    You may already know what you need or are looking for. Click this link to go to our FAQ page and learn more about our passionately delivered SEO services. After over 12 years of SEO development we have created very successful Targeted SEO Marketing.

    Our customer base is nationwide and we already provide SEO Services for multi-million pound turn over customers such as Flexible Medical to Target SEO for Small Businesses for customers such as Prince Tree Surgery. Whatever the size of company we give the same attention to detail and provide one of the most targeted  SEO Services around.

    Established over 12 years ago WUKmedia have self developed our flagship product TargetPagesTM and have now become one of the top SEO/web design companies in the UK (ranked in the top 20 out 0f over 3500 web companies in the UK on freeindex).

    Our Live SEO Results

    The system we have developed and use is called “Target Pages” and is a unique search engine marketing system developed by our very passionate and dedicated SEO team. The approach we use allows customers to achieve superb coverage on Google SERPs (search engine results pages) for specific localities and gain multiple SEO results on Google and other search engines.

    Target Pages is an advanced form of targeted organic SEO and is totally exclusive to our UK Based SEO Company.

    Look Smart and Get Found on Google UK

    Included with TargetPagesTM we can offer the latest in cutting edge responsive web design for any device such as smart phones and tablets.

    No matter what the size of your business TargetPagesTM is designed  to fit any budget, however large or small and get your business FOUND on the Google searches that matter.

    TargetPagesTM will get your business found on Google wherever you would like to trade or offer your services in every town, county, region of the UK or indeed the World.

    Using unique content we create great targeted SEO results on Google UK. This approach to SEO works brilliantly for both Corporate Business SEO and Small Business SEO.

    It’s our very own secret weapon!

    Perhaps you are sceptical when it comes to using targeted SEO services, and that is understandable with so many promises that are never delivered these days, but simply look to the right side of this page and see for yourself our  Proven SEO Results that should help you understand the potential we can provide for your company. 

    You will see endless examples of both our SEO services in action and the Target Pages system  ranking above their competitors with multiple SEO results on Google UK.

    With Target Pages you will get number one SEO Services. For over 12 years we have delivered time after time with Geo Targeted SEO helping businesses in the UK GET FOUND on Google. With Target Pages you will get the best quality SEO quotes with second to none business SEO services in the UK!

    Our SEO Services come with full support for your peace of mind and can include:

    • Personalised Support (Yes a real person calls you)
    • Keyword Research
    • Onsite SEO
    • Offsite SEO
    • (Sensible) Link building
    • Monthly Reports
    • Directory Submissions
    • Cutting Edge Responsive Web Design
    • Target Home Pages (Our Secret Weapon)
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Responsive Web Design