How much do SEO services cost?

As we tailor our SEO services to meet the requirements of our customers we first need to chat with you about a number of things.

What key phrases you would like to be found under and if it’s targeted SEO (Geo Advertising) what is your preferred trading area? This may seem an evasive answer to the question but think about it.

Every business has its own needs so the price of SEO depends on those needs.

The price of SEO changes because clearly the more work and effort to get top natural listings the more work (i.e.hours it will take).

If you asked how much a car is, you would have to know at least know the make, model and year before it could be priced. Well the cost of SEO is a very similar way of thinking.

What is Organic SEO?

SEO is also known as, Organic SEO and Natural SEO with the acronym ‘SEO’ standing for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ (spelt search engine optimization in the States)… and the answer is in that very phrase.

Organic SEO is optimising a website to perform well on search engines! When it is done well then it can be significantly more successful and cost effective than any other form of advertising.

What is Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO (cheating) will get your website kicked off search engines and White Hat SEO (not cheating) will not.

Needless to say our SEO Services follow the White Hat approach. The rules constantly change so we have to keep on top of them and adjust our approaches to suit the whim of search engines.

What is the difference between Google Ads and Organic SEO Listings?

The click ratio is approx. 70/30 in favour of organic listings so it doesn’t take a huge effort to work out which is best for you. When you think Google still make billions from the 30% share it should tell you something.

Some businesses of course cover the whole board and pay for both organic SEO to be developed on their site and the quick fix Google PPC advertising (known as Adwords). A Google advert can cost a lot of money for just one click and when you budget runs out it’s gone!

With organic SEO however once you have the listings and so long as they are well maintained you can remain number one for sometimes years 24/7.

What am I actually paying for?

Creating serious Google Organic SEO results is hard work! If you think about it why are companies prepared to spend thousands on Google PPC?

Usually because their web company cannot figure out how to get far more clicked on and far more effective organic listings.

Therefore to land on page one of Google (which is like a prime location on the high street) businesses with poorly optimised sites have to pay through the nose!

We promise you that your business will be the direct beneficiary of all our blood sweat and tears. There is no point really in saying “how much will it cost?”.

We are trying to make you money… not, take your money. Surely that’s the whole point? We get your business found and the rest is up to you. If you run a good business and can answer your enquiries (And phone!) then you will reap the rewards. We will put our expert Google SEO copy on your website and while you pay us…it will remain there as it is our copyright.

You shouldn’t feel too short changed though as SEO on Google is more powerful and more cost effective than anything else you will do to ever to promote your business.

We will also keep an eye on your Search results and send you regular reports via Google Analytics.

We will also add you to loads of useful directories in an ongoing process as well as be at the end of a phone any time you have a question.

That is what you would be paying for… Our expertise and of course, our time.

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